3 Cycling YouTubers You Should Check Out

There’s some great cycling related content on YouTube these days

YouTube has exploded since it first launched back in 2005. There’s a heap of great content on there these days – not surprising when they estimate that over 300 hours of footage is uploaded every single minute.

It definitely took a while for good cycling content to take root. These days, however, plenty of pro teams as well as bike manufacturers have accounts that are well worth checking out. But what about individual vloggers? Well, here are three which you should have a look at.

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Cycling Maven

Australian vlogger, Mark Ferguson (aka ‘Cycling Maven’), started in earnest back at the beginning of 2016 producing daily vlogs focusing on the very active cycling community in Melbourne. He’s quickly grown the channel to over 40k subscribers and even produces vlogs of the Grand Tours.

He did the Tour in 2016 before quitting his day job in 2017 to take a three month trip around Europe to cover the Giro, the Tour and the Vuelta!

He’s great to watch, very chilled, and everyone seems to love him (except the Tour’s organisers, the ASO, who came down hard on him during last year’s race when it came to filming. Turns out they said he needed to pay €15,000 for the privilege of filming behind the scenes! Needless to say, he didn’t take them up on the offer).

Jasper Verkuijl

Jasper is a semi-pro Dutch cyclist who also happens to fly Boeing 747 jumbo jets around the world for the airline, KLM. He’s a dab hand at filming and talking while riding to the extent you do start wondering about his personal safety but he seems to have got it down to a fine art by now.

He’s got some great training-related videos and, given his job, he takes you all over the world with him, from LA to Majorca, all with his slightly quirky Dutch persona. He’s also just linked up with an amateur team in San Diego for the 2018 season so we should expect plenty of race-related content over the next few months.

You should definitely watch his crazy, brake-melting 98 km/h descent of Mont Ventoux complete with the pretty scary crash of his friend (thankfully, he was fine).

Francis Cade

London based vlogger, Francis Cade, produces the best looking videos of the lot for us. Originally his content focused on the London cycling scene but he’s been bringing us content from more exotic climes recently.

He flew out to the Tour Down Under with Zwift in January and did a great job of bringing the cycling scene Down Under to a wider audience.

Honourable Mentions

It was tough narrowing this list down to just three so just a couple of honourable mentions to finish. Cycling Cam is a UK based Category 1 rider who’s looking to break into the pro ranks and he does a fine job of capturing the journey for us.

The Vegan Cyclist is a US based rider who lives in Yosemite National Park, California. The roads he gets to ride will leave you green with envy. He doesn’t preach vegan living by the way so don’t let the name put you off.