AG2R La Mondiale Reveal Their Revised 2018 Team Kit

The brown shorts still feature though

French racing outfit, AG2R La Mondiale, have released their team’s kit for next season showcasing the same colour way but slightly updated for a more modern look.

Unlike last year’s kit that featured blocky elements as well as different coloured shoulders, this year’s kit has looked to simplify the visual aspects, opting for a tricolour of brown, white and blue.

Having the white band across the midriff enables a clean cut space for the team’s logo while the other bands help make the kit standout.

The latest iteration looks to be a step in the right direction for the team when it comes to kits as theirs hasn’t always been top of the fan’s lists of favourites.

Despite the headway made with the top half of the kit, some fans may feel that the only thing holding them back is the brown shorts.

However, for others the kit is the best thing the French team has ever produced (alongside Romain Bardet of course).

Others just took the chance to ridicule it with one fan likening it to a ice cream sandwich.

Some journalists noted that the design would be similar to a national champions jersey of Murrawarri should they ever hold a national championship road race.

What do you think of the jersey? Better than their previous editions or still too brown?