Cycling Hotline Set Up To Help Riders Deal With Collisions and Near-Misses

24/7 phoneline will help riders fight off post-traumatic stress disorder

Cyclists often face tricky conditions when riding out on the road, as huge steel constructions fly past us at eye watering speeds and occasionally even collide into us.

Cyclists Down Under will soon be getting a helping hand with the treacherous conditions though as advocacy group, Bicycle Queensland, have set up a hotline for riders to call if they have been involved in a collision or have experienced near-misses, myGC reports.

The “24/7 psychological debrief service” aims to boost the range of support that riders can rely upon. CEO of Bicycle Queensland, Anne Savage, said “The mental health and wellbeing of riders is often overlooked following road incidents.

Riders can call the service after a crash or near miss

“Riders commonly experience psychological distress and anxiety after an accident or near miss.

“This service will provide cyclists with the opportunity to process any distress and psychological trauma by connecting with experts who understand the immediate and ongoing impacts of a traumatic experience.”

The service will be available to Bicycle Queensland’s 18,000 members who not only reside in the Queensland state but around the country.

Riders can call the service which is being provided by critical incident assistance providers, OAS. The incident debrief will comprise of a consultation of up to 60 minutes and where select riders will be referred to specialists.

“The incident debrief service will help cyclists identify strategies for increasing post-incident coping and recovery, and could also be useful in enhancing future riding ability by building mental strength,” Ms Savage said.

Any member who had been in an accident or near-miss could use the service in the two weeks following, helping curtail any chance of the rider developing post-traumatic stress disorder. Not only will it give riders a chance to talk things through but they say it will also help riders build a stronger bill of mental health.

“We’ve developed the service in response to the overwhelming evidence that many of our members would benefit from the opportunity to debrief with a qualified psychologist in the aftermath of an accident or near miss.