Cyclists Break The Law No More Than Car Drivers, A Study Shows

Cyclists are just as lawful as our car-driving counterparts

Ever had to argue with a friend or relative who claims that all cyclists do is run red lights and break the law?

Well if you’re one of these poor unfortunate souls then you may feel slightly better knowing that a new study has found that cyclist’s break the law no more than car drivers, something that has been found before.

The Florida Department of Transport conducted a study to see what mode of transport is the worst when it comes to breaking the law, the Plan Philly reports.

Recruiting 100 cyclists, the researchers fixed GPS units and video cameras to their bikes to track and record their movements. As the study finished, the 100 cyclists compiled over 2,000 hours of footage and a bounty of data for the transport department to scrutinise.

Whether you’re cycling or driving, the cycling cops will get you (Pic:Wiki)

With all the data gathered, researchers pored over the thousands of hours of video to categorise when cyclists broke the law by participating in things like illegal turns or rolling stops before comparing it with data from cars.

What they found was that cyclists comply with the rules 88% of the time and drivers 85% of the time. Those numbers suggest that the average driver and regular cyclist alike break a traffic law once or twice a week, assuming a consistent daily commute.

Whether we are cycling our bike on the road despite the presence of a half-baked attempt at a bike lane next to it or filtering through traffic, many anti-cycling drivers will forever see us as reckless maniacs intent on killing ourselves and everyone around us by breaking their own self-appointed rules and regulations.

But this study once again proves that cyclists are normal road users and, while there will always be some degenerates among us, we want to get to work in one piece just like everyone else.