Family Of Michael Goolaerts Issues Emotional Plea To Find Rider’s Lost Sunglasses

Sunglasses were a gift from his brother and remain missing

The family of the late Michael Goolaerts have reached out to fans who were present at the scene where the young rider fell from his bike during Paris-Roubaix.

Kristof Goolaerts, Michael’s brother, has issued a plea to anyone who was there on that fateful day to help him and his family be reunited with the Veranda’s Willems-Crelan rider’s sunglasses.

In a post to Facebook Kristof said that the sunglasses were the rider’s favourite and “would love them back.”

“On the 8th of April, my brother Michael Goolaerts fell and later past away during the cycling race Paris-Roubaix due to a cardiac arrest.” he said.

“At the time of his fall, he was wearing sunglasses of the brand ‘100%’. Afterwards we were not able to retrieve them. If someone has found and/or taken his glasses, or someone has seen them being picked up, could you please report this to me? We would love to have them back.”

The sunglasses, a pair of 100% Speedcraft, were in fact a gift from Kristof for his brother’s birthday.

“His sunglasses have tremendous emotional value for us. They were his favourite glasses and he also received them from me as a birthday present.

“Thank you in advance for sharing. I will be eternally grateful to the finder.”

Goolaerts having fun at a training camp in Spain

After crashing to the deck, Goolaerts was attended to at the road side during the race before being flown to a hospital in Lille where he later was pronounced dead.

It was revealed later in an autospy that the rider had suffered from a cardiac arrest while riding, where his heart stopped sending him to the ground.

Goolaerts memory has been immortalised after Paris-Roubaix organisers dedicated a sector of the race’s pavé to the late rider.