Fed Up With Your Saddlebag? Arundel’s New Tool May Be The Solution (Video)

Perfect for those saddlebag snobs

Saddlebags are great but sometimes you just want your bike to look clean of any accessories no matter how useful they may be.

Well American company, Arundel, have come up with a nifty solution to carrying your bike tools without stuffing your pockets.

Called the Shameless Plug (this is not a shameless plug btw), Arundel have constructed a pair of bar end plugs to resemble a set of tools you would find on an average multitool which also fit neatly into the ends of your handlebars.

Unlike some bar ends, these do not require tools to install or take out (which would make them redundant). Instead, they use a simple twist-to-tighten system so you can use them any time (as long as you don’t screw them too tight).

Allowing you to store four tools easily, the system can be adjusted with a host of different size allen key heads on offer meaning you can customise your tool set up to fit your bikes needs without lugging around all the unnecessary kit.

Nifty set up from (Arundel Pic: Arundel)

One half of the system houses a fixed JIS Phillips screw driver and a hex-shaped allen key holder that allows you to place different size bits into it and use like a wrench.

The other half houses the different heads you may need when out on the road. Riders can pick from hex sizes from 2 up to 6 and Torx offerings from T10 to T30.

For the saddlebag averse, this isn’t the first time there has been alternative ways of storing your multitools on your bike it’s certainly one of the cleanest and simple.

Coming in around the 75g mark, the system being made of strengthened plastic claims to be both light and strong. Being a US brand there is no UK pricing at the moment but if you were to purchase it, this would set you back $39.99.

For more info check their site.