Lightweight Release New Meilenstein Disc Brake Wheelset

German manufacturer at it again with a new set of super premium wheels

German wheel manufacturers, Lightweight, have released their latest Meilenstein disc brake wheelset to the masses.

Known for their premium quality and hefty price tag, Lightweight wheels are some of the most expensive wheels out there with their Lightweight Fernweg disc wheelset coming in at a cool €6,670 for the pair.

However, breathe easy as their new Meilenstein wheelset costs only €4,950 for the clinchers and €3,900 for the tubulars.

The wheelset has seen some changes from its rim brake cousins though. “The rim width increased from 20 to 24 mm,” which according to the German company allows for riders to use tyres up to 32mm wide, great if you want to bling up your adventure bike.

With a name like Lightweight, naturally the question is how much do they weigh? For the clincher versions, they claim to sit bang on 1,380g while the tubular version boasts a lighter 1,245g which is impressive when you consider their rims and braking system.

Following aerodynamic thinking, the rims are 48mm deep making them a nice length for anyone who wants improve their drag coefficient but also employ the use of disc brakes.

Built around Lightweight’s in-house carbon hubs, you’ll notice they are designed with a a pentagonal profile. This is claimed to create an “ideal force transmission to the 20 carbon spokes,” helped result in a wheel that is apparently 10 percent stiffer than the previous generation with an “increased braking force and improved precision.”

We can’t wait to get our hands on some, once we’ve won the lottery that is.