Mark Beaumont To Tackle 132-Year-Old Penny Farthing Hour Record

Having cycled round the world in less than 80 days, Beaumont tries a new challenge

The man who cycled around the world in 78 days is trying his hand at a new challenge this summer when he attempts to break a 132-year-old record.

Mark Beaumont, the ultra-endurance rider who smashed the around the world record by 45 days, is hoping to do the same with the penny farthing Hour record that has stood since 1886.

Set by WA Rowe, the record stands at 22 miles and 150 yards which Beaumont will attempt to better at this year’s World Cycling Revival from 14-16 June at London’s famous Herne Hill velodrome.

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So Beaumont’s task will see him try and beat Rowe’s mark of 22 miles 150 yards. However, if the record-breaker does fail in his attempt he can still manage to take the record for longest distance ridden in an hour abroad a penny farthing which was set the year it was opened in 1891 and sits at 21 miles 180 yards.

With a custom designed penny farthing, the Scotsman looks to have employed the use of modern day understanding of aerodynamics to aid him in his quest.

Having said that, Beaumont insists that he isn’t taking the attempt all too seriously. “I have been training hard around the parks of Edinburgh and you get some funny looks.” he said

“The Hour Record is 22 and a half miles, which is pretty nuts on a penny farthing, but I have been quite enjoying not training ultra-endurance – this is just me and my mates wanting to do something eccentric and daft.”

Will Beaumont add the record to his growing palmarés or fall short?