Rapha Release Pro Team And Classic Saddle… And They Are Pricey

What else did you expect?

There seems to be no quenching the thirst of premium cycling brand Rapha who have commenced their second phase of world domination after first taking over the high end clothing market.

With their latest plan Rapha have shifted their gaze to the saddle market after teaming up with Selle Italia following their more recent collaboration with helmets brand, Giro.

The British brand have brought to market two saddles, the Pro Team saddle and Classic saddle, both utilising a carbon construction on the body and rails.

However, the most interesting thing is that the clothing company have looked to created this range of saddles with their bib shorts in mind, hoping to create a seamless level of comfort between shorts and saddle.

“When paired together using Rapha’s fit calculator, the width of the saddle perfectly matches the chamois pad in the bib shorts,” the brand said.

The fit calculator is a tool to ensure that you can get the right saddle, taking in information on your waist width and weight and what kind of riding you do.

For more Sunday ride orientated riders, the Classic appears to be best for more upright support and comfort, designed to compliment their Rapha Classic bib shorts. This option will weigh in at 179g for the narrow sizing (130mm) and 197g for the wide size (145mm).

On the other hand more serious racers will have the option to go for the Pro Team saddle, with riders being able to utilise a cut-out to relieve pressure if they don’t want a one piece saddle. As with the Classic saddle, this saddle is built to work well with Rapha’s Pro Team bib shorts.

The standard Pro Team saddle will add 144g for the narrow size (130mm) and 159g for the 145mm wide size. The cut out counterpart will weigh 141g for the 130mm size and 147g for the 140mm wide size.

So how much will this set you back? For those upright riders using a classic saddle you’ll need £180 whereas the more race orientated riders will need to cough up a whopping £295 for either the regular Pro Team saddle or the cut out Pro Team saddle.