New Strava Data Show 2017 Was A Big Year For Cycling

Coffee, cake and beer all feature too

Everyone’s favourite ride recording tool, Strava, has released their end of year report showcasing some incredible numbers that users have racked up.

The biggest number is the amount of miles that all users across the world have amassed equalling a cool 7.3 billion km which is just shy of the distance between our beloved Earth and the dwarf planet Pluto at the edge of our solar system.

That’s not the only stand out piece of data though with Strava now housing 16 new activity uploads every second resulting in 11 million new uploads every week. All those rides will require a lot of kudos and that’s exactly what people did with riders dishing out 2.3 billion kudos to each other in this year alone.

In the UK, London was the heart of all cycling activity with 4.9 million rides uploaded, followed by West Yorkshire (1 million) and Manchester (967,283).

This resulted in some 904 million kilometres in 2017, while climbing 8.1 billion metres.

Riders in Ceredigion, Wales will have bragging rights clocking up as the fastest region at 33.6kph on average. Northern Ireland had the longest average ride (51.2km) while riders in Merthyr Tydfil climbed the most on average (685m). Up north in Stirling, riders were out on the road longest taking the longest average ride time at 1hour 38 minutes.

The most used segments were all in London with inner-city cycling sanctuaries, Regent’s Park and Richmond Park, both making it on the podium. The legendary Herne Hill Velodrome ranked second out of the three.

The question remains though, who received the most kudos? Well they didn’t specify overall but for one ride the most kudos received in the UK was given to Mark Beaumont on his last segment of his legendary bike ride around the world. Despite not actually being in the UK, the last leg saw him arrive in Paris after 79 days riding around the world raising money for charity.

That 302.9km ride took 13 hours 16 minutes and 16 seconds seeing him smash the world record for fastest circumnavigation of the globe by bike and receive a huge 10,888 kudos in the process.

The most kudos in the world went to French superstar, Romain Bardet, after his uploaded his stage 12 winning ride at the Tour de France this year, receiving 22,736 kudos.

With all these rides Strava wondered how people were fuelling themselves and thanks to data showing what people were talking about they could record just how we were powering ourselves to smash those local KOMS.

Naturally coffee takes the precedent given its intrinsic nature to our sport being mentioned over 40,000 times followed closely by cake that garnered just under 38,000 mentions and is a perfect addition to any espresso.

For others the beverage of choice was a beer with the alcoholic tipple being mentioned a staggering 33,581 times. Lets hope they saved it until after the ride.