Today Is The Day UK Riders Will Fail Their New Year’s Resolution, Strava Data Shows

That festive gut isn’t going anywhere if you aren’t

Being the hub for riders across the globe, Strava is privy to a lot of data, from how far you ride to what power you can maintain when you power up alpine climbs. The social network for athletes can also discern a lot more from this data that you might think.

Strava has pored over massive chunks of raw data and pinpointed the day when people jack in their New Year’s resolution of riding more. That day is today, January 12.

“The analysis of historical Strava data shows that this enthusiasm can be short lived,” Strava said, data which spanned over 31.5 million uploaded activities to the social network.

Don’t let your cycling goals fall by the wayside today (Pic: Strava)
Strava has seen unparalleled growth among riders and runners alike with 16 activities being uploaded to Strava every single second in 2017!
All those activities covered a staggering 8.4 billion km of cumulative distance with us Brits cycling 904 million km of that. Gareth Mills from Strava, said: “Sticking to resolutions is hard and we all know there’s a lot of talk and pressure in January about getting fitter and being healthier.”
How to keep motivated (Pic: Strava)
Today may see loads of riders fall off the wagon (or bike…) but it doesn’t have to be that way and having analysed the figures Strava has provided five ways that you can stick to that resolution of yours.
  • Exercising with friends leads to people being 22% more active.
  • Joining a club leads to people being 46% more active.
  • Set a goal – of those who set a race as a goal in January, 92% were still active 10 months later.
  • Train in the morning – people who are likely to exercise in the morning are among the more active people out there.
  • Start run or bike commuting – people who commute to work under their own steam are 43% more active at the weekend.

Trying to stay on top of whatever New Year’s resolutions you have is hard enough so try arming yourself with these five handy tips to help ignore the temptation of that post-work Friday booze up.