Watch: Hilarious Spoof Advert For Californian Bike Shop

A cracking parody of old school American car adverts

Every country has its fair share of weird adverts. You know, the ones that are so bad they’re actually good.

Whether it’s the insane double glazing guy, Jeff Brown, who would shout “you buy one you get one free” over and over until he was sent down for dodging £58k of tax, or the “bang and the dirt is gone!” guy from Cillit Bang, you just can’t forget these strange, but usually highly effective, marketing ploys.

Enter Cal Worthington from California, USA, who’s second-hand car lot adverts sparked one bike shop owner to replicate the amazingly dated commercial for his own bike store.

What it produces is a hilarious two minutes of absurd salesmanship that we could watch over and over again.

If you’re still trying to picture what this video is parodying then you need to do yourself a favour and watch Cal at work back in the 80s.

Not only does he enter the advert with a chimpanzee but he then proceeds to offer customers two all-you-can-eat dinners from a local restaurant, even if they don’t buy a car. Cracking value Cal.

With all those bikes on sale we can’t wait to get down there one day.