Watch: Legend Graeme Obree Takes To The Wind Tunnel To Test Out His Old Faithful Crouch Position

The Flying Scotsman tests out his UCI-banned time trial positions

One of the most colourful characters in cycling history, Graeme Obree’s story is all about ingenuity, dogged determination and talent as he strived to break the world hour record… twice!

Known for his outrageous positions that were banned by the UCI, Obree was seen by some as a rider who tried to game the system and win while others saw him as a pioneer of engineering when he created his ‘Old Faithful’ bike using parts from his washing machine (yes, really).

However, after all these years the Scot decided to take to the wind tunnel with the help of Scottish brand Endura to test out his old positions and see whether he really was a genius.

“It’s like if you had a means to absolutely say if there is or isn’t a loch ness monster, it’d be good to do it but it’d be sad to do it at the same time,” the former world champion explained, “you’re finding out the knowledge but you’re also, kind of, killing off our kind of mystery.”

First up is the UCI regulated position of 1993 as a baseline record before they tested out the Old Faithful “crouch” position, the “superman” position and then finally against a modern position, bike and kit.

So is Obree’s success down to him being a genius or a beast on the bike? You’ll have to watch to find out.