Watch: Love Is In The Air Between This Astana Rider And His Bike

Dario Cataldo’s love story is one for the ages

It’s that time of the year when we celebrate our love for the special ones in our lives and for Astana rider, Dario Cataldo, that is his Argon 18 Gallium Pro team bike.

The Vuelta a España stage winner’s story shows us it was love at first sight as he strolls past his future love sitting in a shop window.

After that the story unfolds to show the Italian taking long walks by the beach with his lover, taking selfies and even getting told off for staring at other bikes.

Like all good love stories though, the pair hit a snag in their relationship when Cataldo stumbles in on his beloved being ridden by his colleague.

Realising that nothing will ever compare with his one true love, the former Italian time trial champ finds it in his heart to forgive his other half and the pair ride happily ever after.

One thing that must be pointed out though is that the object of Cataldo’s affection is not a time trial bike. Being renowned for his time trialling capabilities, the Italian may love riding time trials but his heart clearly belongs to another as he opted to go for the team’s endurance offering, the Argon 18 Gallium Pro.

Fitted with Shimano’s premier Dura-Ace electronic Di2 9150 group set with twin-spoke Corima wheels we don’t blame him to be honest.

Will you be spending the day with your loved one or (if you own more) ones?