Watch: Is This The Muddiest Sportive Ever?

Better pack a spare set of kit for the Land Run 100

Taking on a sportive is always going to be challenging but few will push you as much as the Land Run 100 in Oklahoma across the pond.

Set in the red mud and gravel roads of the southern state’s countryside, the 100 mile ride is quickly becoming known for its tricky riding conditions once the rains fall.

Created back in 2013, the ride has soon become a cult hit with images of mud-clad riders traipsing their bikes through the treacle like quagmires as they strive to get their pride and joy moving again.

With over a century of mud roads, riders also face a stiff 6,000ft (1,800m) of climbing too making some people weep and their knees shake.

Given the propensity for the road to turn into a thick stew of gloop, many riders opt to go for gravel bikes with chunky tires and some even ditch them altogether and go with mountain bikes.

Even that hasn’t stopped the ride from taking victims though with organisers telling “Stories of ruined derailleurs and miles-long sections of hike-a-bike through ‘peanut butter mud’ that can swallow a shoe”.

The century ride will set you back $70 for a whole day of riding including a drop bag which you can fill with anything you may need while out on the course like a spare set of kit or tools.

Definitely pack a spare set of leggings

The bag will be taken to the half way point allowing you to stock up on goods for the second part of the muddy slog.

Unfortunately this year’s edition is set to take place Friday with over 1000 riders taking part and a 50 mile ultramarathon for those who prefer two legs to two wheels.