Watch: Taking On London’s Best In A (Static) Bike Race At Rollapaluza

Ever wanted to race a bike that doesn’t move? We test it out

When you talk about bike racing, you would be forgiven if you found yourself conjuring up images of fast paced high intensity competitive action and a few crashes along the way.

But what if you could experience the competitive action part but without the crashes? Well cycling event specialists, Rollapaluza, and Condor Cycles have teamed up to do just that.

The Condor London Club Championships were simple. Teams consisting of four riders were to take part in a team time trial on stationary bikes, riding as fast as they can over 250m. They are then split into solo and pairs for different events that take place throughout the night.

One such event is the Madison that sees two riders take part in a relay style race over 500m. Once the first reaches 250m, the second one is then tagged to go and who ever crosses the 500m mark first progresses.

As riders progressed through each event mwhether individually or in a pair, they would accumulate points for their team which would go towards the overall final standing.

The night started out well for Team CP as we recorded the third fastest team time trial time gathering a juicy 29 points.

As the night progressed we held our own against some serious racers out there all while enjoying some great fun with fellow cyclists. To see how we did, be sure to check out our video from the night and don’t hesitate to check out Rollapaluza to see the final results board.