Watch: Things You Might Not Know About Bianchi

We look at the history of the one of the most beloved bike brands

Being the oldest bike brand in the world is a title that Italian bike brand, Bianchi, hold dear. Given the many victories and beautiful bikes created by the iconic company you would be forgiven for not knowing the other aspects of this illustrious bike brand’s history.

Well look no further as we delved into the history books to compile a rough list of things you may not know about the Celeste-loving bike manufacturer.

Created back in 1885, the 133-year-old company has been a pioneer in new technologies, made more than its fair share of stunning bikes and carried charismatic riders to victory, maybe at the expense of their R&D team’s patience.

Everything from how they came to use THAT colour for their bikes to some pretty demanding customers, we’ve brought together some interesting bits of history that anyone who is anyone will want to know.

It wasn’t just bikes that Bianchi made too, with the esteemed brand branching out into other technological sectors before realising that the trusted bicycle was where their heart really lay.

Be sure to give our history lesson a watch and keep your eyes peeled for more CP originals in the future.